1. Web site use conditions
We kindly ask you to read carefully the following conditions of use for the web site www.sfiligoi.it; taking into consideration that anybody who browses or uses this web site undertakes, without any restrictions, to be bound by the following terms and conditions.
Should you not agree or should you not be able to comply with such conditions, you cannot consider yourself authorized to access, use, or download material from this web site.

SFILIGOI SRL has the right, at any time, to update and modify the terms and use conditions of this web site, without any notice. SFILIGOI SRL releases any guarantee in relation to the availability of the web pages of its web site or parts of them. SFILIGOI SRL shall, at any time and at its own discretion, limit the availability of the web pages of its web site.
Therefore we recommend to periodically visit this web page in order to verify the updated use conditions since they are binding for the user.

2. Intellectual Property and web site’s use
Except where otherwise clearly specified, any intellectual property rights on the data, works, patents, concepts and ideas and on other elements contained in the following web pages are owned by SFILIGOI SRL.
It is forbitte to use of the above intellectual property rights, even for private use. This prohibition is not included in case the visualization of the web pages has been performed for personal purpose (personal information, study and research) and not for commercial purpose, through the use of browsers and/or the paper printing always for personal use. Any use for commercial aim or utility or economic exploitation by the users is expressly forbidden, except in the case where it has been previously agreed in writing with SFILIGOI SRL .

3. Purposes of the web site
This web site, according to its information and advertising purposes, aims at releasing, through the internet, data, materials and news about SFILIGOI SRL
Through this web site, SFILIGOI SRL will published information on products, projects and publications (catalogues, data sheets and other information) whose intellectural property rights are owned by SFILIGOI SRL.

In relation to the above, SFILIGOI SRL undertakes to adopt the necessary procedures to ensure the accuracy, asjustment, updating and completeness of the information contained in the website, provided that in no event SFILIGOI SRL can be liable for any mistakes and/or delays in updating web site.

4. Forbidden activities
SFILIGOI SRL informs the user that the following activities and/or behaviors are forbidden in the use of this web site:

a. Use that can cause or may cause damage, interruptions or limitations of the web site and its services;
b. Unauthorized collection (through the web site) of personal data of third parties;
c. Installation/uploading of processing programs, files and any other materials with damaging and disturbing purposes to the integrity, the functionality and the on line communication of the web site;
d. Activities and/or behaviors that can be considered as criminal behaviors in accordance with the applicable provisions of internet violations.
e. Variations and/or modifications of the web site, of its contents or of the access conditions.

The user agrees also as follows:
a. not to use programs or other automatic mechanism or manuals to monitor or copy SFILIGOI SRL’s web pages or its contents without the express permission in writing of SFILIGOI SRL;
b. not to use any software or mechcanism, which may interfere with the proper working of the web site;
c. not to take actions that would cause an unreasonable overload of activities of the technological infrastructure and of the system.

In the event that SFILIGOI SRL acknowledges violations about what specified above and in the case of prohibited behaviors, SFILIGOI SRL reserves the right to legally act against third parties and to adopt, without any notice, corrective measures, including the removal of any material posted on the web site by the user without undertaking any direct or indirect liability for the above.

In case some web pages contain some material disclosed to SFILIGOI SRL by third parties, whose contents are protected by intellectual property rights, SFILIGOI SRL declares not to release any rights over said material following the publication of it on the web site.

5. Responsibility
Following the acceptance of these terms and conditions for the use of the web site, the user agrees and undertakes that the content of the web site is provided “as it is” without any guarantee, including also any marketing guarantees and the adequacy for a specific use or the violation of any intellectual property rights; SFILIGOI SRL undertakings related to its products and services are regulated by the relevant agreements pursuant to which SFILIGOI SRL supplies its own products and in no event the content of this web site can amend said terms and conditions.

SFILIGOI SRL cannot be considered responsible for any acts and/or damages that could occur to the user and/or to any third parties from the use of this web site and/or its contents. In addition to that SFILIGOI SRL shall not be considered responsible for any possible events and/or damages caused by actions undertaken in accordance with the applicable legislation in order to oppose any prohibited behaviors. Finally SFILIGOI SRL shall not be considered responsible for any problems occurred to the user deriving from interruptions, suspensions, delays or service anomalies concerning any energy supply issues or telephone/telecommunication service issues or any other issues connected to the technical equipment through which the content is transmitted, not referable to SFILIGOI SRL.

SFILIGOI SRL states that contents and materials available in this Web Site could be not be updated and SFILIGOI SRLdoes not undertake any obligation to update them in real time, denying any liability to third parties referable to any non accuracy or unupdating of the contents of the Web Site.

6. Applicable legislation
The contents published or present in this Web Site, including the selection, organization and position in the Web Site, have been studied, realized and protected by the applicable privacy law (D.Lgs. 30/06/2003 n.196), by the applicable copyright law and by other national and international laws about intellectual and industrial property right.